Dr. Jerry Guyden

"Our training methods have been successful and require the development of teams of people representing several different cultures and ethnic backgrounds working together toward accomplishing a scientific goal. Individuals working together day-to-day develop common ground and establish lifelong relationships that will influence the cultural makeup of the next generation of scientists."


City College of New York sent fruit flies into space. Here's why

A City College of New York biology professor is spearheading an experiment involving fruit flies that can help researchers learn about astronauts' immune systems while in space.
Dr. Juarez joins the College Now STEM Research Academy program that extends across to 8 CUNY campuses



Dr. Mahesh Lakshman is an organic chemist whose research is in the area of organic synthesis at the chemistry/biology interface. Specifically, research is conducted on metal-catalysis and metal-catalyzed transformations of nucleosides, molecular carcinogenesis by environmentally persistent polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, novel uncatalyzed methods for nucleoside modification and in the area of new methodology for organic transformations.


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