Dr. Mahesh Lakshman

Dr. Mahesh Lakshman is an organic chemist whose research is in the area of organic synthesis at the chemistry/biology interface. Specifically, research is conducted on metal-catalysis and metal-catalyzed transformations of nucleosides, molecular carcinogenesis by environmentally persistent polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, novel uncatalyzed methods for nucleoside modification and in the area of new methodology for organic transformations.


Research in Prof. Lakshman’s laboratory involves principally two biologically relevant areas: nucleoside modification chemistry and studies on the molecular basis of carcinogenesis. There is also direct link between the two fields. In the area of nucleoside modification chemistry, novel methods are being developed that involve the use of metal catalysts to yield previously unknown molecular entities. To complement this, the laboratory is also involved with development of new uncatalyzed nucleoside modification methodology. Several compounds that have emerged from these studies are being tested for biological activity for identification of new pharmacologically/pharmaceutically important entities. In addition, a detailed understanding of the catalysis chemistry is being developed so that more effective and efficient nucleoside modification methods may be attained. Catalysis also plays a prominent role in the synthesis of metabolites from environmental carcinogens. These compounds can be used to prepare carcinogen-nucleoside adducts for DNA modification. The modified DNA serve as probes with which cellular transformations such as mutagenesis and DNA repair can be studied. Also in the area of chemical carcinogenesis, research is being conducted on development of methods to access non-planar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their metabolites. This is to better understand the link between molecular non-planarity and efficiency of metabolic activation processes.




Dr. Mahesh Lakshman
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