Dr. Anuradha Janakiraman

Dr. Janakiraman is a molecular microbiologist whose research focuses on cell division in bacteria. She is a member of Area Group II – Cancer.


Molecular assembly and stability of FtsZ in bacteria
Our laboratory is examining the molecular mechanisms of cell division using E. coli as a model system. In bacteria, division is characterized by the polymerization of a cytoskeletal ring structure formed by the tubulin homolog, FtsZ. FtsZ is conserved in most bacteria including pathogenic species, archaea, and for eukaryotes, in chloroplasts and mitochondria. Using genetics, cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemical techniques, we are investigating the key spatiotemporal interactions and molecular dynamics that characterize the essential process of FtsZ assembly and stability during the bacterial cell cycle.

Protein-protein interactions provide fundamental insights into basic cell biology and form the basis of numerous cellular processes, including cell division. An overlapping but distinct area of research in the laboratory is to develop molecular assays/tools designed to identify such interactions in bacterial systems.




Dr. Anuradha Janakiraman
Department of Biology
City College of CUNY
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