Dr. Karen Hubbard

Dr. Karen Hubbard joined our Area Group II in Fall 1995. Dr. Hubbard is a molecular biologist, who studies gene expression during cellular aging. Her research focuses on RNA metabolism during aging and the relationship between cell death (apoptosis), cancer and aging. Dr. Hubbard teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses in the Biology Department. She also heads a collaborative partnership between CCNY and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. This partnership focuses on cancer research, training and health disparities.


Regulation of Gene Expression in Cellular Senescence
Normal human fibroblasts have a finite life span when cultured in vitro. This terminal growth phase has been termed cellular aging or senescence. Recent studies have shown that there are many striking correlations between aging at the organismal and cellular levels. The focus of the laboratory is to investigate regulation of gene expression during cellular senescence. We have identified alterations in the levels and activities of proteins which are involved in the processing of procurer RNA into mature messenger RNA. Thus far, the role of post-transcriptional processing of RNA has not been studied in cellular aging. We will examine the developmental contributions of post-transcriptional processing with respect to cellular aging in human fibroblasts.




Dr. Karen Hubbard
Department of Biology, Room MR-526
City College of New York
138th Street & Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031
t. 212.650.8566
t. 212.650.8561 (Lab)
Other Locations: MR-631 and MR-627