Dr. Jerry Guyden

Dr. Guyden is a molecular immunologist whose research is providing new insights into the development of T cells. He is a member of Area Group IV, and he chairs the Executive Committee (Internal Advisory Committee) of the RCMI Program.


RESEARCH: The Function of Thymic Nurse Cells
Thymic nurse cells (TNCs) are specialized epithelial components that contain T cells completely enclosed in intra-cytoplasmic vacuoles. Very little information about their function has been reported because of the lack of pure TNC populations in quantities necessary for thorough analyses. However, they are believed to play a role in thymocyte development. Our laboratory has been able to immortalize TNCs. Surprisingly, cells from TNC lines have been shown to internalize thymocytes in in vitro studies. Intact cells can be visualized in cytoplasmic vacuoles. This is the first report of the isolation of TNC lines able to internalization and maintain viable another type of cell in tissue culture. Since that time, we have shown that TNCs exclusively bind and internalize the αβTCR+CD4+CD8+ subset. A subset of the interactive subset dies through the process of apoptosis while the remaining fraction survives and matures to the αβTCRhiCD69hi stage of development. Our lab continues to study the function of TNCs during T cell development.




Dr. Jerry Guyden
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