Dr. Sanna M. Goyert

Dr. Sanna Goyert is the Chair of the Dept of Microbiology and immunology at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. Her research focuses on the identification of molecules that regulate the innate immune response in infection.

Dr. Goyert’s current studies are aimed at defining the mechanisms and pathways responsible for early PMN recruitment and bacterial clearance; this is important since the ability to clear bacteria early after infection plays a key role in the outcome of patients with severe infection/sepsis/septic shock. Recently, her laboratory identified two distinct pathways for neutrophil recruitment in response to Gram-negative bacteria; the major pathway requires the co-receptor, CD14/TLR4, while the second pathway functions in the absence of both CD14 and TLR4. They further showed that the major pathway (CD14/TLR4) has negative consequences in severe sepsis in that it results in high levels of neutrophil-recruiting chemokines in the blood and low levels at the site of infection. This type of concentration gradient inhibits early recruitment of neutrophils to the site of infection, allowing bacteria to divide and disseminate. The second pathway results in a chemokine gradient that promotes early neutrophil recruitment to the site of infection and clearance of bacteria. Current experiments continue to define molecular mechanisms that regulate each pathway and a paper describing these two pathways is in progress. The long-term goals are to identify new targets for therapy that will promote early PMN recruitment and enhance bacterial clearance. These studies will provide novel insights of strong clinical significance for a major and growing health problem in the U.S.




Sanna M. Goyert, Ph.D.
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