Dr. Shireen Saleque

Dr. Shireen Saleque is a molecular biologist whose research focuses on the molecular and physiological mechanisms underlying normal and aberrant mammalian hematopoiesis, the process of blood cell generation.


Hematopoiesis, the biology of blood cell generation is an intricate and complex process that is vital for the health and survival of all mammals including human beings. Accordingly, any malfunctions in this process often lead to life threatening diseases such as anemias, leukemias and lymphomas. An investigation of the biological processes involved in producing normal blood cells is therefore essential for understanding the onset and progression of many hematopoietic diseases.

The laboratory research focuses on the interplay between transcription factors and their co-regulators (genetic factors) and the chromatin alterations they catalyze (epigenetic processes) in orchestrating gene expression patterns that program the fate and function of hematopoietic stem, progenitor and effector cells. Recently, the laboratory has also begun to investigate how dysfunctions in normal developmental programs give rise to hematological malignancies. A combination of genetic, biochemical and molecular biological approaches including tissue culture manipulation of human and mouse cells in vitro and genetic manipulation of mice in vivo is employed to address these issues.




Dr. Shireen Saleque
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