Dr. Adrian Rodriguez-Contreras

Dr. Rodríguez-Contreras is a neuroscientist interested in how neural circuitry develops in the auditory system.


Development of Hearing:

During development the connectivity of the brain is shaped by genetically encoded information and by novel experiences, usually provided by our interaction with the environment. Such developmental changes are patent during the development of hearing, which is essential for identifying and interpreting a variety of sounds, including those that are necessary for communication. There is a big gap in our understanding of how synapses in the auditory brainstem are shaped during development, particularly in neonates, who are also susceptible to several challenges after birth. Recently, this group has developed novel surgical and experimental methods to investigate the activity of auditory brainstem neurons in neonate rodents. Ongoing studies are characterizing the patterns of neural activity in ensembles of auditory brainstem cells, prior and during the onset of hearing. Additional experiments in barn owls are also exploring the role of correlated sensory stimulation in the development of an auditory space map. Altogether, these studies could provide clues to understand a wide range of human diseases, including deafness, tinnitus, and autism.




Dr. Rodríguez-Contreras
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